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Ancestral Awakening

1.22.23 WORKSHOP
Join facilitators Cindy Luquin and Johanna Olivas for a workshop to experience energetic and spiritual healing to reconnect with your ancestors. This is a workshop to dive into ancestral Mayan spiritual wisdom, to explore and develop the skills that connect attendees to their own cultural lineage and spiritual gifts. Topics range from cultivating a spiritual and energetic practice that leads to self acceptance. Step by step, each activity builds on the next, by the end you’ll be full of confidence and wisdom to trust yourself to make decisions for your future. All genders and orientations are welcome.

Meet the Facilitators

Cindy Luquin 

Cindy (she/they) offers a range of educational and consulting services with the intent to provide spiritual and energetic healing that empowers people to make informed decisions about their health that align with their values and culture.


All of Cindy’s teachings and work covers comprehensive education topics about healthy relationships, consent, pleasure and reproductive justice. All wellness events with Cindy are a way to develop mindfulness, confidence and bodily autonomy. 


For more information visit or connect with Cindy on instagram @pleasuretopeople.


Johanna Olivas Benavides


Johanna (she/her) offers a range of services with the intent of helping you shift away from relying on external validation. Her goal is to help you reconnect with yourself through yoga, vibrational sound therapy, and different energy healing modalities.


All of Johanna's yoga and energy healing work touches on the physical, vibrational and emotional aspects of yourself.  The physical practice is a chance to explore connection to yourself, the vibrational level is a way for you to connect to your emotions and move energy in the body and the emotional level allows you to explore growth. All sessions with Johanna are a way to come home to yourself.

For more, connect with Johanna on Instagram @lunaserenityyoga.


Ancestral Awakening


DATE: January 22, 2023
LOCATION: 1803 Monroe St NE, Washington D.C.
TIME: 4:00-6:00PM
WHO: Anyone over the age of 18
What you can expect:
  1. Together we will meditate, journal, share experiences, receive a healing sound bath with Reiki, connect with our ancestors and much more!
  2. You will feel confident understanding the foundational elements of energy healing rooted in Mayan cosmovision and science
  3. You will experience the healing benefits of gentle breathing techniques for emotional, spiritual and mental well-being
  4. You will learn the process of exploring your ancestral roots and wellness practices
What to bring:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water
  • Blanket
  • Bolster or pillow
  • Any additional props to be comfortable in lying position. Warm socks are recommended.
  • Eye masks will be provided
Where to park:
There is plenty of street parking available on Monroe St NE, but we advise that you arrive 15-20 minutes early for parking purposes. 
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