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Sacred Self Love Retreat

JULY 13-16,2023
Are you ready to come home to yourself? To tap into self love? I invite you to join me if you’re ready to embark on a soulful retreat back home to yourself.

Join Johanna Olivas of Luna Serenity and Jannelle Cortes of Groove Trips for a weekend of healing and connection.

You will be inspired.

Four days of heart-centered guidance, yoga and sacred self-care to awaken and embody what it means to love yourself without shame or fear. Learn how to tap into the sacred wisdom within you. We will explore how to live the truth from your heart through relaxation, yoga, breath work and deep connection.
During this retreat we will explore a variety of modalities centered on Johanna's approach moving energy at the physical, emotional and vibrational levels. As we pour into ourselves over these 4 days we will create practices that will allow us to harness this loving energy to pour back into our families, communities and the collective.
What we’ll do:
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Womb Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Movement practices to help you embody the wisdom of sacred self love including yoga, belly dance, meditation and breathwork
  • Sacred Circle Discussions around pleasure where you'll have a chance to connect with your body, improve communication skills and learn about setting healthy boundaries in relationships, explore ways to enhance intimacy through various activities with certified sex educator Cindy Luquin.


Casa Om Potomac

Casa Om Potomac is a private yoga mansion nestled in Martinsburg West Virginia. It is an absolutely beautiful residence with tons of natural light, spacious guest room and stunning views.


There are 10 guest bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a massage room (yes! You can book a private massage during your time here), a yoga studio, pool, hot tub, caves, forest and field trails and Potomac River Access -- and it's all just 90 miles from Washington, DC.


Included in your stay are chef prepared vegetarian meals that are delicious and nourishing!


Single Occupancy Rooms are limited. If you are selecting shared occupancy rate please email Johanna at if you know who you would like to room with. 

There is one room available that can be accommodate up to 3 people. If you're interested in this option please reach out to

There will be one needs based BIPOC scholarship awarded. To submit your application please click here.

Single Occupancy................................   $2,000
Shared Occupancy...............................  $1,450

Please note that you can secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $400.00. Payment plans are available. If you are selecting a payment plan option you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance after your deposit has been received. All payments are due in full no later than June 1, 2023.


Room Rates

Retreat Details

Dates: Thursday July 13 - Sunday July 16
Check in time: 3:00PM
Departure Check Out time: 12:00PM

Guests will have the chance to explore the land, hike, swim on the property, relax and take in the nature at Casa Om Potomac during the breaks between programming. There will also be 8 massage slots allotted for guests on Friday and Saturday - and that is not included in the price above. Massage fees are paid directly on site to the property at Casa Om Potomac. 


Special Guest Teachers . . .

Cindy Luquin.png

Cindy Luquin (she/they) is the founder and bilingual sex educator behind Pleasure To People, an educational consulting agency that integrates LGBTQ+ advocacy, reproductive justice and mentorship on various health campaigns and community projects. Cindy is originally from Los Angeles, California, where she became a certified sexual health educator (CSE), and is DC-based since 2021. Additionally, they have contributed to a variety of lifestyle and media publications including Cosmopolitan, Giddy, Elite Daily, LATV, Well + Good and podcasts.


Jannelle is a choreographer, travel professional, and entrepreneur that grew up in the Maryland area and now resides in New York City and Havana, Cuba. She is the Founder of  the Groovefit Dance Company and Groove Trips LLC, both intergenerational companies that  promote community, accessibility, and sustainability.   

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