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Behind the Name


Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with the moon. As a child it was the one constant I had that always brought a sense of calmness and tranquility, always shining in the sky no matter where I was. I still feel that same level of calm and peace as an adult when I look up and see it
hanging in the sky.


Today when I travel I hold tight to the moon and the feeling of connecting it gives me to the people I’m missing while away. Specifically my daughters. When I was thinking of what to name my business a few years ago I knew I wanted something that would evoke that same feeling of calmness, tranquility, and serenity I get from the moon and then it hit me . . . Luna Serenity.

Even now, la luna, has a deep connection to how I choose to co-create with the universe. I work with her energy and cycles to guide the setting of my intentions and how I manifest my dreams into reality. When we allow la luna to show us her wisdom we become co-creators in the magic of our lives. Let me show you how...Join me. 

My journey to the creation of Luna Serenity is one I hold dear to my heart. I found yoga as a young adult while working at an anti-trafficking nonprofit in DC. It was a way to prioritize self care. After my first yoga class I was hooked. The level of connection to myself and the world around me was so strong, soon I became obsessed. A few years into my personal practice I experienced the difficult loss of my grandmother, this was the first death of a close loved one. Yoga offered a sanctuary in that time of my life and helped me feel connected with my body while I processed all the emotions and grief that were present. This experience helped me to understand how yoga was so much more than just a physical practice, it was a way of life.
About a year after my grandmother's death, I became pregnant with my first daughter and I joined my first prenatal yoga class. During one of these classes the teacher walked us through a visualization of envisioning a passed loved one holding our baby and I immediately connected back with my grandmother. I saw right then and there the potential of opening my practice to an entirely new element of spiritual and emotional connection. I knew that I had discovered a way to expand my practice to help me tap into this side of healing I hadn’t yet explored.

As I went on I continued to expand my practice to support the different phases of motherhood I was experiencing which took my self awareness to an entirely new level. I was gaining new tools and became passionate about learning as much as I could from energy healing modalities (Reiki, Crystal Consciousness, Sound healing, Cacao, etc.). I completed specialized teacher trainings for prenatal, postnatal, and fertility yoga. Yoga had changed my life and how I viewed the gift of motherhood. Yoga and the various energy healing modalities  shifted how I chose to carry myself and interact with the world around me. I knew this was a
gift that I wanted to share. 
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