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Luna Circle

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A digital sanctuary to awaken and cultivate the divine essence within to help support the collective.


As a member of the Luna Circle, you unlock access to a network of individuals who share your passion for deepening self-awareness and harnessing inner power to support the wider collective. Together, we explore the transformative practices of meditation and breathwork, delve into the soothing resonance of sound healing, practices to remember our true selves, and embrace ancient movement practices.. This is more than a subscription; it's an invitation to not only awaken your divine essence, but also cultivate it so that we can be in service to help support collective trauma, and surround each other with  a community that empowers and uplifts. 


In our digital sanctuary, the concept of collective healing holds a significant place. We believe that our spiritual journey and community-care practices should also involve confronting and understanding systems of oppression, appropriation and racism that permeate our society. 


As a community within the Luna Circle, with care and sensitivity, we can utilize ancient technologies like Mayan wisdom, yogic philosophy, the practice of Islamic and Sufi mindfulness, the balancing energy of Reiki, meditation, ancestral work, and understanding and the self-reflective nature of contemplative practices to navigate this exploration. Together, we aim to illuminate these issues, engage in open discussions, and foster empathy and understanding. 


This is a space where your voice will be heard, your experiences are acknowledged, and collective growth is nurtured. As we delve into these societal issues, the Luna Circle becomes not just a place of personal growth, but a platform for societal healing and transformation as well.


We welcome and invite you to join us in our shared pursuit of inspired discussions  acknowledging the state of our world and in a shared vision to transform self-care practices into community care. 


Meet Your Hosts


Johanna has her BA in Political Science from American University and her MA in Communications from Johns Hopkins University. Her professional career has been immersed in digital strategy and fundraising helping nonprofits that focus on Human Rights for children and eradicating Human Trafficking. She has also spent more than a decade building and executing e-commerce programs for large well known global brands. Throughout her career she has had a yoga and meditation practice that has grounded her and helped her navigate the nuances and demands of corporate America as a BIPOC woman.

It's no secret, she is obsessed with the moon and its phases for manifestation and reflection. It is at the foundation of her self-inquiry practices. When she began to reflect on the community she has been able to create over the past several years hosting in-person workshops, women's circles, sound baths and retreats, she knew she wanted to curate a virtual community that was rooted in the phases of the moon and collective care. And that's when Luna Circle was birthed.  


Amina Shafi Rogers

She is a poet and visual artist who works in the field of refugee and asylum law. Amina’s photography from Nepal has appeared in Jaggery: A DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal and her poetry was featured in Volume One of the Totally Radical Muslims Zine and the Beltway Quarterly. She attended the University of Mary Washington, where she completed a BA in International Affairs with concentrations in English Literature and the Fine Arts and her law degree from the Dickinson School of Law at Pennsylvania State University, focusing in international human rights law. Several of her pieces share the theme of Sufi (Muslim) spirituality and she is currently working on a connected series of poems based on her dreams. Amina will be incorporating Sufi remembrance (dhikr) practices into the Luna Circle. She is honored to co-create a sacred space alongside Johanna to cultivate divine essence with the aim to heal our greater community.  

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Ready to join the circle?

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The Luna Circle is hosted on Mighty Networks. You can download the app for iOS or Android. There are two options available for purchase - a monthly subscription or you can pay for an entire year in advance. Details on the savings are below!

  • $242, or $20/month (normally $264)

  • Includes 1 FREE month

  • 2 Live/Virtual Moon Circles (and replays)

  • Community of heart-centered individuals

  • Self-Inquiry tools centered around the phases of the moon

  • PLUS $100 credit toward any 2024 Luna Serenity Retreat

  • $22/month

  • Includes 2 week trial

  • 2 Live/Virtual Moon Circles (and replays)

  • Community of heart-centered individuals

  • Self-Inquiry tools centered around the phases of the moon

  • PLUS $50 credit toward any 2024 Luna Serenity Retreat

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